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No, not really... So what is human connection?

By human connection we mean two things:

Human connection? You mean when I add someone on Facebook?



My connection to myself
My connection to the people around me

Connecting with yourself is the process and journey of self discovery and life experiences which is always going on inside you. Connecting with others is sharing that journey with other people, and hearing theirs.

Many studies have been made regarding happiness. For example with questions like "does money make you happy?". In almost all of these studies, the main indicator for happiness wasn't money (surprise), it was relationships.

And what are relationships? It's connection between people.

Other studies have also found that the amount of time you have eye-contact with somebody per day heavily increases your sense of happiness.

On the other hand, lack of connection can have huge health implications. Many studies indicate both mental, emotional and physical negative impacts when people experience loneliness, isolation or disconnection.

Today more people experience loneliness and depression than ever. The groups that stands out are children and young adults.

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