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Since our launch in 2000, the team at HiHumans has worked tirelessly to promote our cause. We are fortunate to have volunteers and staff from all walks of life who bring their unique expertise and resources into everything we do. This is what enables us to achieve our goals year after year.

While there is always more that can be done, there is no doubt that we are making a significant impact. We don’t measure our success through just facts and figures, but through happy faces and heartwarming feedback. See how you can become part of the difference.

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Our human needs

First we need to talk about

We humans have different needs to live a healthy and meaningful life. Everyone knows our most basic needs such as food, water and shelter. But we have a lot of other needs that we have to live healthy and meaningful lives. These are called Universal Needs. Here are some examples of universal needs:



Psychological safety and security are essential for growth and well-being. 


To express creativeness and create things from imagination.

Meaning and purpose

To feel a sense of purpose in our lifes is crutial for our health and well-being.


Feeling accepted and included by others.


To be loved and to give love to others.

There are many more than these, they call all be found here.

How do we want to make society full of human connections?


Our method incorporates the research from the Inner Development Goals. Through a detailed framework, the Inner Development Goals provide guidelines and powerful tools for inner navigation. We take the research and science into practice! 

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How do we use human needs?

So how do we actually put this into practice?

With the understanding of human needs and the need for connection, we created different ways to actually practice the art of connecting with others.

We do this are through different methods, workshops, and exercises. You can find them bellow.


Heart Meeting Groups

We regularly facilitate groups and events that in different ways create connection. 

Heart Meeting Exercises

We have created our own exercises from experience and a mix of different techniques that we call Heart Meetings. 

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Public presence

Our public projects aim to inform and interfere in everyday life to invoke with presence, listening and connection.


Talks and lectures

We give talks and lectures about connection, often in combination with exercises like Human Meetings. Contact us for information and booking.

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